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Keep track of your data with Model Rocket Flight Log!

More than just a model rocket flight log, contains sections for construction notes, parts lists, photo album and more.

Designed for the hobbyist of model, mid and high power rocketry. Easy to use software.

* Let’s you record up to 36 flights for each rocket.

* Simple printouts to take with to the range or to have a hard copy of your data.

* Photo section for each. Add your construction photos, in flight photos or any photo you want.

* Unlimited number of entries – limited only by your hard drive space.

* Section for project notes on each rocket. Create a detailed log on how you went about creating and constructing your baby.

* Parts list and costs for each part.

View data in a list of all rockets or individually.

Download comes as a 8 mb zip file.

Program is easy to use and versatile.

Flight log includes sections for;

launch data: date, location, motors, weight, payload and recovery

Weather: wind direction, speed, humidity, temperature and visibility

Altitude: estimated, actual and flight performance

I created this program to help me monitor my fleet and find it extremely helpful when choosing motors depending on changing weather conditions. Having previous flight previous performance data helps when trying to choose new motor configurations. Also serves as a log to document construction steps, costs to build, and photos to document building or in flight. The software was updated and redesigned in 2015 to include more flights and added features.

Digital Download.

Created by Rocketkraft Studios Copyright 2015

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