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New For Pen Turners and Woodworkers


NEW! I created this database for my pen inventory – it was getting so large I had trouble remembering what was in the shop. Includes a section for pen kits, bushings, drill bits, blanks, turned pens, price estimator, other projects and a journaling section. It is easy to use for tracking your inventory, projects or just for journaling your daily shop activities. I am making it available for my fellow pen turners. Available as an instant download for PC.

Sections include:

*Pen kit Inventory

*Bushings and Drill Bits


*Finished Pens

*Other projects

*Journal section

Available as an instant download. 82 MB zip file for PC.

Works great for planning your pen kit projects or know when to order bushings and bits. The journaling section can be a great snapshot of your woodturning journey. I only wish I had this when I first started turning pens.

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